Friday, January 21, 2011

Clear Mount Stamp Storage

I bought these DVD wall mount holders back in May, but never could really figure out where I wanted them or if I really wanted to use this method of storage. I just bought some empty cases for my acrylic stamps that I hadn't put in my stamp binder yet due to space restrictions in the cubes, so I thought I better get these up before I have piles of DVD cases everywhere. I'm a minimalist when it comes to things hanging on the wall, but I still want to have easy access to my supplies or I won't use them. We'll see how this works out.

I bought these shelves at IKEA..of course :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Cabinet = New Tool Organization

 I got the ALEX rolling cabinet from IKEA for Christmas to better organize my tools.  I didn't like having to get up, go around my table, then open drawers to get my stamp cleaner, etc.  Now everything I need is right next to me and for me the easier it is to get at things, the more I will scrapbook.  I also like that it is on wheels so when I have people over cropping then I can put my computer and my silhouette on the cart and have space for 1 more cropper.  I didn't take a picture or the carousel on top of my desk, but now that I have the 'tool chest' I condensed the tote carousel and the jetmax one to minimize unused items on my desktop.
The first drawer has all my basic tools.
The second drawer has my embossing and stamp tools.
The third drawer has all my secondary cutting tools.
The fourth drawer has all my colouring supplies.  I wanted this higher, but the first three drawers are shallow and the supplies won't fit height wise.
In the fifth drawer I have my copic makers (ciao) and my Martha Stewart Scoring Board, which I love BTW.
The last drawer has my Bazzil In-stitch and Imaginisce i-sew tools in the bag and I just toss my laptop power cable in here when I'm not using it.