Monday, February 8, 2010

Non-Visible Embellishment Storage

I have 4 containers like the one above.  2 are from Dollarama and the others are from Wal-mart.  I would have continued buying the one from Dollarama, but they stopped making them.  I try to organize by colour, size and finish (metallic, sparkly, etc) I like these containers as they store nicely in the smaller drawers in the cubes and travel well also.  I like that each colour can be in it's own container.  I did have my brads and eyelets in a container that stacked (see below), but these did not travel or store well.  They fell apart really easily in my rolling tote and I'd spend the first 20 mins of a crop picking up tiny eyelets and brads.
When I first started scrapbooking I used a lot of stickers.  I would take these out of the packages and store in a binder.  I used baseball card sleeves to seperate the small ones and regular sheet protectors for the big ones.  This binder then sits with my stamp binder and stencil binder.
I store all my letters and numbers in a drawer by itself.  I don't have a lot of these so I find this method works for me.
I store my buttons by colour in a fishing tackle container.  I'm not a fan of looking at plastic containers so I store any of these in a cube along the wall or in the closet.

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