Sunday, March 21, 2010


I did have my punches in a drawer in one of the cubes, but it wasn't working for me.  They were taking up valuable real estate, so I went searching for a better idea.  I've seen many websites where people use these Kitchen Rails from Ikea.  I didn't want them mounted on the wall as I'm not big on having a cluttered space even if it looks organized.  I always think about resale value of my home and if we decide to sell and the people looking at the house aren't scrapbookers, then they just see the holes in the walls they are going to have to repair.  Or the holes we'd have to repair before putting it up for sale.  I like it being on the door as when it's closed it's pretty and when it's open it's functional.  I bought the matching longer basket to hold the new EK Slimline Punches too.  I prefer these bigger punches and I will be buying more of them before SU! switches to the slimline version, so I foresee getting more of these rails very soon.


Anonymous said...

so nice and neat...i have a room that big and it is no where that nice

Beebeebabs said...

Great idea tfs

Pollie said...

I love the idea of keeping the room clutter-free, organized, but at the same time adding value to your house/room.
I live in an apartment and therefore we can't be making holes on the walls, I am a huge fan of recycling so I use a lot of jars to keep my things in place.

Michelle said...

What kind of rods/rails are these? From where?

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