Friday, January 8, 2010


I organize my Stampin' Up! cardstock and my scrapbooking cardstock (12" x 12") differently as I use them differently.  I use my SU! cardstock by name and colour so I find having it organized in file hangers with tabs help me see exactly what I need.  I can also easily take the entire container with me when I'm cropping at a friends house or just pull out the hangers I want and place them in a smaller hanging container.  The container and the hangers I purchased at Wal-mart and the tab inserts I bought on ebay along with a ring of cardstock swatches.  Some people organize their SU! cardstock by colour family (ex. Bold Brights or Earth Elements), but I like all of mine sorted by colour as I don't tend to think by colour family.

My 12" x 12" scrapbook carstock is in my Cropper Hopper Paper Holders categorized by type of paper.  There is one holder for regular cardstock, another one for core-dinations or other different "core" cardstock, one for handmade cardstock and the last one is for my 12" x 12" textured SU! cardstock.  I also have some lower quality 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock in there to easily fit my Silhouette machine, but I harldy use it since being introduced to SU!  The quality of the carstock makes a big difference when making a card since it will be fondled quite a bit compared to a scrapbook page in a protective sheet.  I really like the Cropper Hopper Holders as they are easy to pull out of my Jetmax cubes and thumb through what I need.  I try to organize by colour as well.

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