Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ink Pad Storage

I've had multiple people ask me where I got my Ink Pad Storage Unit from.  It is a custom made unit, but here are some ideas for store bought items.

1.  Check out http://www.organizemore.com/ I beleive they are located in Tennessee, but I think they ship anywhere in North America.
2.  If you have an old cassette organizer, it will fit SU! or similar sized pads.
3.  I highly recommend SU! table top organizer if you do not have wall space.
4.  There are people on ebay selling handmade units they've built in their garages/shops.  Have a look under Rubber Stamping or Scrapbooking then Organization.
5.  You can have a look at this website for ideas, but I think the shipping might be astronomical since they are in the UK http://www.inkylicious.co.uk/

Hope that helps!

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