Monday, February 1, 2010


Now I have to admit, I do have my tools scattered over my room and with good reason.  I keep the tools I travel with in my AMM Tote-ally Cool Tote 2.  They are easy to get at and easy to travel with.  It comes with a swivel base which is a nice feature.  I just pull it down when I'm scrapbooking and put it back on the shelf when I'm not.  I love having a clean table when I'm not working.  And yes my room looks like it does in the General View Post whenever I'm not working.  I have a tad bit of OCD :)
I have the Jetmax version of the carousel on my desk all the time.  It has my scissors, adhesive, pens, pencils, tag maker, etc in it.  These items stay in my room even when I'm travelling.

Then for the bulkier items like my Circle Scissors Plus, Powder Pals trays, Embossing Gun, etc. I keep them in the drawers of the cubes.

For my extra adhesives, staples, sponges, etc. they go in the drawer with the seperators in them.


Stacey Brucale said...

I would love to see how you store your brads.

Stampin' Design said...

Ask and yee shall receive..... lol

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