Monday, January 4, 2010

Patterned Paper

When organizing anything in your room you need to think about how you use that product.  Do you think by colour, theme, or pattern?  When I use my patterned paper I think by manufacturer.  This system seems to work for me as I can grab multiple sheets of PP and know that they will work well together.  However you go about orgainzing your PP, these Cropper Hopper Value Pack organizers work great!  I spend 75% of my scrapbooking time outside of the house.  With my PP in packets it's easy for me to grab the PP I want and pack my bag quickly.  I originally had my PP and cardstock stacked horizontally.  I found this didn't work for me as I was constantly pulling out the entire pile to get at what I wanted and then I had to tidy up the pile to put it back.  That was just too much work for me.  With the dividers I can quickly thumb through and get what I need.


Unknown said...

Did you buy these individually or do they come with the paper holder you used for cardstock?

Stampin' Design said...

You can do either. Michael's sells them in a group, I beleive they cal the Value Pack and then in most Scrapbook stores you can buy them individually. Hope that helps :)

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