Friday, January 15, 2010


I store my SU! wood mount stamps in my closet on the middle shelf for easy access.  I love my stamps, but I don't find them to be that attractive of a home decor piece and since I do have a bit of training in Interior Decorating, I'm always thinking about design whether it be on my scrapbook page or in my home.  I store my acrylic stamps in a binder for easy access and quick review.

Every time I get a new wood mount stamp set, I copy the label sheet and place in my stamp binder so that I don't have to pull out the SU!containers to see what I have.  If I buy a single wood mount stamp I stamp the image and label it on a blank sheet and put in the binder.

When I buy some of the smaller discount acrylic stamps I put them in baseball card holders in the stamp binder.

For all my other cling mount/acrylic stamps I bought overhead projector sheets for the office supply store, cleaned them with isopropyl alcohol to remove the anti-static agent and put them in my stamp binder.  I put a sheet of white paper between each sheet of stamps to help me see them better.


Unknown said...

It's so good to see this system in place rather than just try to plan something along this line...organizing/storing wood stamps is one thing that has kept me from buying more.

I've been putting together the same jmax shelves trying to envision how I'm going to use them all... thanks for the ideas!

Stampin' Design said...

Thank you for reading!! Note, if your wodden stamps are mostly SU! then you're going to love the new clear mount version that stores in a DVD size case. Also if you google "unmounting your stamps" and click on videos, there are a few showing how to unmount the rubber from the wood so that you can store them in a binder or CD/DVD case.

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